Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One goal we made this school year is to weed the garden every morning. The kids have been pretty faithful. The weeds kind of got out of control this summer so it is a slow and steady process, but I have been surprised at how motivated they are!

Flying kites ( or plastic bags with a string attached) 

 Brigham's blessing: it was kind of a rough day from Mayble throwing a massive fit so I couldn't be in there for the blessing, to Ezra sneaking up there during the blessing and hanging on the pulpit looking in at Brigham (so I was told later). This was a somewhat happy moment though before church. And my house was super clean.
Elsie is 7!

I have been thoroughly enjoying these windy and rainy storms!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last 5 weeks

 We have enjoyed our little Briggers these past 5 weeks. Yes, he is 5 weeks already and a lot has been going on!
 Anders earned his Bobcat and is working on his Wolf
Apple picking. Sadly we missed most of the apples this year due to my pregnant condition.
Lot of visitors! Kimber and Ethan recently moved to Florida and we probably won't see them for at least a year, sniff sniff :(

 Lindsay and her family!
 He made his very own mohawk and loves baby brother.
 My midwife Sue came for a checkup. Midwives really are the best. She drove several times out to my house for check ups and appointments. 
 Made some Independence Day hats. My favorite holiday!

 Brigham's first outing...
 at Aaron's cousins luxurious pool. We had such a great time and his cousin even made us some of the most delicious carne asada I have ever tasted. 
 Fourth of July! Started out at my parents house for a BBQ and swim. My mom bought all the grandkids festive shirts for a picture.We stopped at Target and got a lot of looks and "I love your shirts!" comments.  
 We came back to Coolidge for a Hansen family gathering. Lilly put together a very cute parade with the grandkids. We lit fireworks, watched the city ones and enjoyed the company.

 The kids had their last swim meets. This was the relay meet where one group was all Hansens! (Gavin is a cousin)

I couldn't make the final swim meet in San Manuel but they lucked out with a beautiful overcast day in the 80's. Lilly claimed her champion title for the 2nd year in breaststroke. They each placed and did very well. Ivy had a ruptured eardrum the night before so she could not go to the final meet. I think she cried more because of that fact. 
 End of the year swim team party. 
 I don't know what was in that frosting but it came out looking the same color. 
 KEEP YOUR EAR OUT OF THE WATER IVY! And I'm sorry your stuck in the baby pool.
 Me and Brigham sweating it out at the pool.

 Ezra turned 4!
 The kids have started to learn to mow the lawn. And for now they love doing it.

 Set up the slip and slide at the end of playhouse slide. 
 Mayble was the cutest as she plopped off the end of the slide.
5 weeks old and bushy tailed. I don't know what I would do without my biggest helper!

We have made a few trips to stores and costco with all the kids. I went to Winco all by my lonesome with the kids too! The looks we get are hilarious. We've had a few disgusted looks as well. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's A........


 Meet Brigham Horace Hansen
Born June 23rd at home
He weighed 8# 4ounces and is 21 3/4 inches long
 My favorite part is having the kids come in and have them ooh and awe at this little miracle that suddenly appeared. There's just something sweet about having a new baby in the house. 

Here's the birth story for those that are interested. First let me  just say that I prayed for many things with this baby. I really really wanted a June baby because now we now have a birthday every month from December to August! I also did not want to go way past my due date again. We don't have any plans on filling up Sept, Oct, or November by the way:) We also prayed for a nice quick boring delivery with no complications. The last 3 were eventful enough and we were ready for a textbook birth. I felt the Lord looked after us and gave us many tender mercies. How grateful I am for this little  boy and my prayers being answered!

So with that being said, on Sunday I had many braxton hicks all day long and I thought maybe I would have the baby this week. Tuesday morning about 230am I started to feel real contractions about every 20 minutes. This made for a long morning wondering if I would actually have the baby that day. I woke Aaron up about 6am and told him what I was feeling. He immediately got excited and set up the crib in our room and put a fake baby in it. Then he woke up the kids one by one and told them the baby was born while filming. It was hilarious seeing their individual reactions. The older kids were not fooled! Anyways I continued to time the contractions and they were about 10-15 minutes apart and decently strong. But about 10am they started to go away and I tried not to get disappointed. I decided to rest and finish preparations. Then at 2:30 pm I started to feel them come back. So we went through the rest of the afternoon timing them and cleaning up the house getting ready for a new baby. At 430pm we finally decided this was for real and Aaron convinced me to call the midwife. They were consistently 8-10 minutes apart and seemed to be getting stronger. We took the kids over to Aaron's parents house next door to give me some peace. My midwife Sue arrived at 530pm and we found out I was dilated to 4cm and fully effaced. I was a little disappointed I wasn't further along but not really worried about it. With hypobirthing you try not to worry about the time part of it. But it is hard trying to figure out when to have the midwife come because 8 minutes apart really isn't saying much. I was mainly worried that my water would break with a contraction and then it would happen fast. As exciting as Mayble's birth was, we were wanting Sue to be there for the delivery this time. 

Sue said it wasn't a big deal and she would just hang out and call the other midwife when I was further along. It didn't take long before I was getting in the shower and bath to ease my contractions. The other midwife arrived when Sue saw I was getting further along and at 8:15pm our baby was born, quick and complication free! I was so relieved to have the labor and delivery over with that I didn't even look to see what gender our baby was. Then one of the midwifes said, what is it?! and I said, oh yeah! and looked down to see a little boy! I would have been just as happy with a girl, but I will say we were pretty excited to have another boy!

Everything went just as I had hoped and I am so happy that he is finally here and that there were no problems. I felt really at peace with having a home birth and even though it is a lot of work going through the labor and delivery part, I feel so blessed that we were able to have another baby at home. Aaron's mom was surprised when we called to say he was here already and they came over shortly with the kids. They all thought it was another fake baby but once they lifted the blanket and saw him they immediately got a soft look on their face and asked if it was a boy or girl. They were pretty excited to have another brother (especially Lilly since she knew she wouldn't have to share her room with the baby again, lol).

Aaron was determined to have his name be Horace but it just wasn't feeling right for me. Horace is Aaron's grandpa and great grandpa's name so  I was fine having it be the middle name. I think he was a little disappointed but we are happy with Brigham. 

I am so relieved he is here and it is all over with. Now I get no sleep nights and lots of kids to deal with in the morning! But Aaron has been a huge help and the kids love him. Lilly is especially helpful. Mayble is the only one who does not like him and wants nothing to do with him. We are all happy and doing well!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Wedding is over, so back to reality

But first I have some major catch up to do......

 We celebrated Aaron's 38th bday. 20 year h.s. reunion here we come!
 Aunt Patty (my dad's sister) came for a visit. Here's all the Whetton grandkids so far!
 Ivy insisted I take a cute picture of her and her sweet setup.
 The kids put on the most adorable puppet show. Lilly made the stage and I helped her sew some curtains. I will have to post the video sometime with their little story they made up. So adorable!
 Lilly learned how to make resurrection rolls and she showed us how to make them for FHE one night. They are quite good!
 Coolidge Easter egg hunt...Anders is very upset because he was not allowed to participate due to bad behavior. Consistency and following through is good parenting, right?
 They have finally figured out how to fill and tie water balloons on their own. Actually I refused to help so they had to learn. They also learned how annoying it is to try and fill water balloons. I think they get why we never want to do it, lol. 
 Mayble is 2!

 She is so sweet

 Kids have been wanting to go to the skatepark for a while so we took them down one afternoon. It says everywhere that bikes are not allowed, but yet there are plenty of bikes whizzing by. I was grossed out by all the graffiti as well (grateful that my kids didn't know what most of those words meant).
 We were busy having the ward Easter breakfast and egg hunt at our yard. Menu was biscuits and gravy, eggs and donuts. 
 The party was after Easter so they bought all of the candy on clearance. I could not believe how much candy was stuffed in those eggs and each kid probably got at least 20 or more eggs. Sugar galore (grrrrr)!

 They kids figured out how to make water shadows.  I though it was pretty cool!

 The boys had a lot of fun at fathers and sons this year.  They jumped in a freezing cold creek and loved camping with papa.
 Opa's garden is packed full of garlic, onion,  kale, collards, parsley, carrots, beets, and boysenberries.  
 It had just rained making it easy to pull out those big beautiful carrots. We still need to harvest more. 

 Our main goal was to get all of the garlic harvested and start the drying process. Nothing like homegrown garlic!
 Lilly has some amazing activity day leaders and they had a mother/daughter activity where the theme was sunflowers. We made sunflower pens, wrote nice things about each other, ate yummy snacks, played games and looked at all the activities they have done so far. 
 This was the only shot where we could get everyone in, lol.
 My creative Lilly and Anders came up with a magic act. I need to get it recorded.....
 So onto the wedding! Aaron's brother Corey was married this last weekend. It was a busy 3 days but a lot of fun being with family. We started with  a family dinner the night before. Enchiladas were requested in which we had to make one pan of our secret ingredient enchiladas. Can you guess what the secret ingredient is? 
 Along with enchiladas we had the yummiest food including, homemade spanish rice, black bean caviar, salsa, chicken taquitos, watermelon and blueberries, and horchata! Dessert consisted of flan, a homemade decadent mexican chocolate cake (made by brother John), and thrifty ice cream. I was definitely waddling by the end of night. 
 May 9, 2015....The happy couple

My parents watched the kids while we were at the sealing then brought them over to us (not an easy task). I love seeing them walk up together. My mom said as they were driving up the kids spontaneously broke out into "I Love to See the Temple" sniff, sniff :)
 We managed to get a family photo since we rarely dress to match. Her colors were navy and blush pink. Mayble and Ezra were extremely wiggly and I'm surprised we got a picture this good. 
 Mother's Day photo
 The other happy couple

I forgot to take the camera to the reception :(
 I think I took 3 pictures on mother's day. But this was the one I wanted of Aaron cooking me an omelet. My most favorite breakfast. Aaron is giving me the ultimate mothers day present and adding onto our room for the purpose of keeping all of my sewing and craft stuff (among other things). He is so good to me.

We went to my sister's house Sunday evening where we celebrated M-day with our mom and I was very worn out by the end of the night. It's been a long pregnant-heavy week. But worth it.
 I woke up to a splitting headache today which I am still nursing. It is probably from lack of sleep. I literally roll around all night and constantly wake up. But it is back to reality! I have had kale from the garden all washed and ready to be eaten. We finally made some kale chips and hopefully I can get to juicing. 
 I found the most awesome chicken-less chicken broth powder recipe that is so incredibly good and easy to make. It has been on my to do list so I have been making the broth and re-filling my containers all morning.
You have to try it: (all of this is dry)
1/2 cup real salt
2 cups nutritional yeast
2 Tbsp onion powder
1 Tbsp turmeric
2 tsp dill weed
2 tsp marjoram
2 tsp lemon peel powder
1 tsp celery seed
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp basil
1 tsp garlic powder
Blend together in your blender til thoroughly blended and mixed (30 seconds) then add a heaping tablespoon of dried parsley and blend for a few seconds. I add this broth to EVERYTHING! And it really tastes like chicken broth, actually even better! You can also adjust the salt to your taste. 

I still have apricots that have been falling of the tree like crazy. I hope to make some fruit leather soon. There is plenty to clean, pictures to organize, fruit and veggies to harvest, etc. 

It does my heart good to see the kids go back for seconds and thirds on kale chips. 

Pregnancy is still going well, although I am very ready for it to be over. Hopefully only 6 more weeks to go!