Saturday, April 5, 2014

Juice Fast Day #6 You will probably get tired of reading the word juice.

I have been wanting to do a juice fast/cleanse for years but I have always been pregnant or nursing. I was going to start the day after Mayble's birthday which would be the 7th, but after talking to my sister in law who has done them before, I got pumped up and started last Monday. This meant I had to cut off my baby a week early. It was bittersweet. I was really ready to have my body back after 7 years, but yet it meant no more little nursing bonding moments with her. I have been gearing her up so it hasn't been too bad. I'm letting her finish off whatever milk was left in the freezer so she's been doing fine.

So juice fasting is tough. I don't feel like I am hungry, but I am forcing myself to let go of everything that I have been eating for years that is so yummy. The trick is to drink juice whenever you feel hungry and that has really helped. And its not juice you buy from the store. This is fresh produce juiced every other day. We have a juicer that processes the produce in a way that  will allow the juice to keep longer.  Which is nice since I don't like juicing every day.

Here are some improvements I have seen already:
-My eyesight feels clearer
-I don't feel like a train wreck getting up in the morning, I wake up fresh and rejuvenated
-Flatter stomach
-My knees are not achy
-My face is super clear and blemish free
-My chronic back ache feels better every day
-Not as much congestion
-I feel energetic
-I feel happier (besides the times when I'm making dinner and just want to eat)

I am hoping to see a lot more good things as the days go on. I haven chosen to juice fast because I am not a perfect eater so I am sure I have some things I need to detox out of my body. Even the environment can attach things to our bodies that we need to get out. My goal is 30 days but at the minimum I would like to do 10-15.

The nights are the hardest when I am making dinner and it smells soooo good. I just try to make it quick and get out of the kitchen!

So even though it is really hard at times, I am excited to complete this task I have committed myself to. I will share more as the days go by!

Friday, March 28, 2014

A gnarly tooth, What the flu?, Insanity overview, walking girl, gophers, 12 years, birthday, and beautiful spring

So I finally finished the Insanity program and yes I did take a before and after picture, and no I am definitely not showing them on the blog! Here is what I thought: 
It was fun and definitely an intense workout. 
I was sore A LOT (which I love!). Even going back and doing the easier videos I would get sore the next day. This to me meant that the workouts were working.
There was not much of a difference between my before and after pic other than I looked a little bit toner. I actually gained 5 pounds meaning that I put on some muscle. 
BUT I feel stronger and I am the happiest with my arms and bum getting a lift. 
On the downside the program involves a lot of jumping and jerky movements and my knees have suffered because of it. 
Month 2 was torturous mainly because the workouts were an hour long (it is hard fitting that into my day with kids). 
Month 2 was more difficult but I gradually got use to it and could keep up.
Overall I am happy I completed it and I go back to the videos every other day to help keep tone.

 We were lucky to avoid sickness this past winter. And finally after months of me pridefully saying so, Elsie was hit with a bad case of the flu. It started one Saturday at a family baptism when Elsie crept onto Uncle Heaths lap and slept the whole time. For 3 days she had a 102-104 temp, would not eat/drink and slept constantly. I have never seen the flu so bad and I kept worrying it was strep and turning into something worse. She didn't throw up or have diarrhea but she had a pretty bad cough and tummy ache. I constantly was applying garlic on her feet and giving it internally, put every kind of essential oil on her, and forced her to eat and drink. She had very short, fast breathing and I was so worried! We kept her in our room on a little bed and I constantly attended her and took her temp. I've never had a child with a temperature so high for so long( I am not a believer in tylenol for fevers but I was very tempted towards the end). We made the decision to take her in and figure out what was going on and make sure it wasn't turning into something more serious. Strep and the flu both came back negative but there are so many strains of the flu, the doctor was pretty sure it was just that. So we were sent home told to just keep her comfortable and that her high fever was okay as long as we kept her hydrated. I actually felt better especially knowing it wasn't strep because I really didn't want to give in to antibiotics. And sure enough the next morning her fever had broke and she perked right up. If we only would have waited one more day! But I am glad we went for that piece of mind. She was really weak for about and week and still slept a lot and had a barking cough, but she gained a healthy appetite after that!
 This tooth was pretty much making me sick by the end. Anders was one of the only kids in his class who had not lost a tooth so he probably pulled this one sooner than it was ready. But he got it out and he is our little snaggle tooth now. 
 It was pretty  much going straight up and we tried yanking it out (not me mind you, I have major Odontophobia, yes there is an actual phobia that I looked up!) and this thing would not budge. 
 No sign of a toothling, but he can now join the "I've lost teeth" club at school.
 I have a sign that says, "Spring you seed, summer you weed". Not the case here, we weed all through spring.
 Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!
 12 years and I still tolerate the shaggy hair and beard. But I sure married a good man.
 I love these perfect lighting pictures with all the green behind. 
 37 years young! I made him his traditional corned beef birthday meal and showered him with gifts. 
 It's gopher season again. This one was particularly difficult and obnoxious to catch. I'm sure we have a network of tunnels under our house and front yard. He caught another one today.
 I think she is going through a growth spurt.
 Notice anything out of the ordinary here?

 Ivy is fearless as usual. She out climbs her boy cousins. One day they sat puppy dog eyed at the bottom watching her.

Mayble is absolutely adorable walking around. My favorite age! I tried uploading a video but it would not work. We are also trying to wean which is torturous. She will be one soon!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

When your child disappears

I had just finished dishing out dinner when I realized that Ezra was not there. So we started to look around. It turned into worried searching, and then into frantic searching. He was no where to be found! I figured he may have fallen asleep somewhere, but the question was, where? He wasn't in his normal spots. So I go outside for the 5th time and as I'm turning around to head back in, I notice a little foot. Immediate relief! Here's where the stinker was...

in the bike trailer sitting right by the back door

Look who is taking her first steps!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year

It's hard to get motivated to blog when you know nobody really blogs anymore, but I will keep on! We had a great Christmas and New Years. I was sad to see it all over. I love fall and the holiday season. But now I feel refreshed and ready for a new year. 

So I have some goals for this year, some which I have been keeping up with so far. 

I vowed to finish the Insanity workout program. I have only missed 2 days where I just couldn't get to it, but I am about 25/60 days in. I am enjoying working out from the comfort of my home. I have not really done videos before so it has been a nice change. I am happy with the results so far: a firmer tooshie, abs and arms, yay! It is an intense exercise that  makes you sweat and be sore. My kind of workout!

FHE (family home evening). I am bad about doing a structured lesson for this night, so we are trying to be better at actually learning something and sharing spiritual insight. So far, so good!

Family prayer and scripture study. Does everyone struggle with this as much as we do? After dinner I am done!  But we are working harder and I am going to buy the children friendly scriptures with the pictures and all that so they might be more interested. I am also wanting to work individually with each of my kids and their personal prayers. 

More patience. Always a goal. 

Read more books: myself and with  my children. 

Make a blurb book documenting last year. 

Enjoy my veggie/fruit juice every morning. My juice always has carrots, kale, apple, I am loving lemon, broccoli, beets, and if I have it… cucumber, celery, and ginger. When it gets warmer I will do more smoothies. In general I am trying to incorporate more veggies and fruits for our family. Still trying to curb my sweet tooth!

And last (for now) I am trying to give more service to others. 

I will leave you with this picture. Mabes is usually wearing a onesie but when we put this long-sleeved shirt on she was not liking it. This is how we found her after a nap. She is a happy babe as long as she in not in her crib.

Monday, December 23, 2013

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

The Hansen Clan 2013
Aaron, Lucy, Lillian, Anders, Elsie, Ivy, Ezra, Mayble

I did not have time or energy to try and get a Christmas card out this year. But as I have enjoyed receiving others, I regret not making the time to do so. 

This year has been eventful, joyful but also difficult and discouraging at times. My pregnancy with Mayble was stressful and very hard this time around, but I was blessed with a healthy delivery the way I wanted it and an extremely healthy and happy/easy-going baby girl! We love our Mayble and can't imagine what it was like without her. I am grateful to the Lord for our little blessing.

Life with our family is non stop. I am up early getting kids fed, dressed, changed, etc.  and up late trying to clean up and get ready for the next day. Some days I feel like I never leave the kitchen. The monotony of raising a family can get to me sometimes, but when I sit down at the end of the day and evaluate it all, I am able to feel joy and be grateful for everything that we have. The kids are so innocent, loving, forgiving and easy to please at this age and I know I will miss it. So I keep going and make the best of the good and the bad.  

On a very good note, Ezra started to potty train himself! I had absolutely no intentions of potty training the week before Christmas, but when he started to tell me when he needs to go and insisting on undies how can I deny him? He even goes #1 and #2 on his own! This was just out of the blue and I feel ever so grateful since the others were pretty difficult and I absolutely dread this task.

So Lilly is 9 and she started to wear glasses this year! She was thrilled and takes good care of them. She is very responsible and I never have to worry about her getting homework done and is always reminding me of certain things. Of course she is still trying to quit piano but she does remarkably well. If only she realized how good she is then maybe she would be more motivated! She is very considerate of others, very cautious and my little helper around the house, especially with Mayble. 

Anders is almost 7 and my spunky boy. He is not afraid to be adventurous and is very outgoing and social. As his teacher would say, "Anders loves to toot his own horn" and is always showing me something new he has drawn or created and looking for praise :). He is also my good helper with his brother. 

Elsie is 5 1/2 and started Kindergarten this year. She loves school and makes friends easily. She is able to lure anyone in with her cute little voice and funny remarks. She loves to draw me lots of pictures and is getting good at trying to spell words and create sentences. She loves kittys and the color yellow. In fact last mothers day she kept talking to a lady in our ward about how beautiful her yellow corsage was. About an hour after church  we get a knock on the door from this same lady and she was wondering if she could give her flower to Elsie. This is the kind of effect Elsie has on people!

Ivy is my adventurer and completely fearless. This summer she would have rather drown then let me hold onto her and help her swim. She is constantly climbing trees, fences, and our chicken coop. She loves animals and especially horses right  now. She always wants to hold the baby bunnies and we will see her carrying one around like a stuffed animal, playing games with it and loving it for hours. Her hair is kept short right now because she will suck her thumb and twirl her hair. Her finger will get stuck and the only way for her to get it out is to pull it. So we are constantly dealing with bald spots and eventually buzzing her head to stop the habit. She is very determined and hard headed which makes raising her difficult and she is probably the most independent of our children. She is our "black sheep" of the family. :)

Ezra is a little fireball right now. He enjoys whining and crying at our knees and is very mischievous. What can I say? He is 2 1/2! But he is incredibly smart and also very adventurous like Ivy. Put them together and there is major trouble! He can't go anywhere without his "nana" or blanket. We have become accustomed to calling it his stink corner because he loves to drag it around and then find the stinkiest corner to rub on his nose while he sucks his thumb. He definitely can make us laugh!

Mayble is our little sweetie pie. She is easily entertained and has developed quickly. She has great motivation to keep up with siblings and I expect her to walk pretty soon. She is a very happy girl and a major mama's girl!

So there you have it. We try to hang in there everyday but in the end we love our family and are happy to be together. 

We are so glad to have Kier back with us. We had a Whetton Christmas party before the Kroks leave to Australia for a month! And yes, Kier is preggos with #2 boy!
Santa gave all of the kids pjs at the party. I have never seen the kids behave so quickly and quiet down so fast when Santa walked through that door. We had a fun time with Heath and Kier putting together an awesome slide show and we were all very entertained with each families skits. Thanks Kier for organizing it all!

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you will find joy with the season and coming year. We are grateful of the birth of our Savior and we hope to serve and know Him more faithfully this coming year.

Friday, November 29, 2013


Turkey Trot 2013

 I like to do the turkey trot on the off years when I'm not pregnant so this was the year! I feel so thankful for Kimber who lets me convince her to do all of these events with me. And it is so nice because we are on the same level and we push each other. So the past month we were both like, "Let's dress up all fun and  match, yah! And then week after week went by where we couldn't figure anything out and we both didn't feel like going to the store or even really spending money on something like that.  So last minute we were like, "Skip it, we're lame". 

 But we are sisters and tend to think alike, so when we got to the race and got out of our warm clothes, we realized we totally matched! Even the purple is the the same shade!

I was super proud of Kimber this year. Usually I am pushing us to the brink, but she took the reigns this year and is the sole reason we got the time we did. She kept our pace and while I was huffing and puffing behind her she just glided on in the last mile! She made it look effortless! AND she got us to the turkey and we both beat him! So we got our official "I Beat the Turkey" certificate which is very coveted. 
 At first we didn't' want to wait in line to take a picture with this poor guy who just ran 6 miles in 47 minutes. And yes, he ran in this getup the whole way. So we snuck our bodies in while others were taking their picture, but then the line got smaller and we jumped in. He said this is his angry face because we beat him. Just thought you might want to know why he looked so mad :)
 This was where Mayble was when I got back. So I am feeling very thankful this year but also very selfish. The only reason why I could go run was because my sweet preggo sister and wonderful mom said they would babysit (husbands were golfing and Aaron was working). Mayble doesn't really want anyone but me, but I guess Kier was the closest thing and she totally clung to her. Thank you, thank you, thank you, mom and kier for watching our kids while we were selfishly gone for 3 hours having fun. And of course I can't forget my honey who is ALWAYS willing to let me go on my runs. He never complains when I want to do stuff like this, and I am very grateful. Love you babe. 

Thanks for a fun run Kimber!
  When we got back we went straight to cooking and had a plentiful feast. It was nice to have all of the sisters at Thanksgiving. 
 Thank you mom and dad for hosting. The kids love to play with the cousins and visit grandma and grandpa. We had a really nice day!

Now it's Christmas time! I was able to go black Friday shopping. Aaron was very gracious to stay home and watch the kids. I go to Casa Grande and I was surprised that it wasn't too busy, so there were still some deals left and I got some Christmas shopping done, yay!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration

I just got back from a meeting to discuss the Gilbert Temple cultural celebration coming up in March and WOW! I am so excited to be a part of it even if it is in a small way. I am in charge of costumes for our ward and I'm so envious of these youth who get to partake in this spiritual, uplifting, fun event. Of course I get jealous of all the youth who get to do Stake Pioneer Treks to be honest. I grew up in a small town heavily populated with LDS and surprisingly we didn't do treks! I would have loved to participate in something like that! All I have to say is our youth better get motivated to go. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and they would be crazy not to. It is an overwhelming task and I can't  imagine being in charge of over 10,000 (yes you read that right) youth who will learn songs and dances to perform on this special night. I'll be happy to help take care of our 25 youth in our ward! Anyways, so excited to be a part of it!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween and TRIATHLON!!!!

 Halloween was fun this year. My family was meeting at my moms for dinner and I couldn't resist going. So we made the trek to Mesa and had a grand 'ol  time. My dad just had knee surgery and he still was willing to get on the stilts. He dresses up just about every year and the trick or treaters love it! We love how fun grandpa is! So the kids are Brave, Ivy took off her care bear costume (that she has worn every day since I took it out), pirate, Lilly was the white queen and I don't know where her costume is either, and Ezra refused to wear anything. We look a little pathetic this year. I should've took some pictures of my sisters because Kim and Kiers entire families all dressed up and my mom did as well. They were pretty much all super heroes I think.
 We finished our triathlon yesterday! This was my third time and Kimbers second. I was really fun this year with Lindsay and Kim coming and I also had 3 other friends that I convinced to join us.  My swim really stunk as usual but Kim and I had a good bike ride and run that we pushed each other on. I don't think I would have pushed as hard on the bike without Kimberlee. She is really tough! We cut our time from before by about 6 minutes so I was really happy! I have to say that the hardest part is getting off the bike and then trying to run. Your legs literally feel like jello and you have no idea how you are going to make it through 3 miles of running. My toes were numb when I got off and it is the weirdest feeling!
 Lindsay had just finished and I am so proud of her! This was her first!
 My awesome cousin Nick was there and he won it with a time of 52 minutes!!! I can't even fathom that. Mind you it is a 400 meter swim, 10.2 bike and 3.1 run. He owns Durapulse and trains people to do all sorts of events. 
 My tri buddies Menolly and Sarah! They did really awesome too!
 And then we decide to be goofy and get some staged photos.
I have no idea what I am doing with my arms, but yay! We did it!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk or Treat theme and Mustache party!

Not feeling super motivated this year, I decided to pull out the Alice in Wonderland theme and add to it. Elsie and Ezra are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Anders is a card and Lilly is the White Queen. 
 We went to a birthday party for Atticus and apparently mustaches are all the rave right now. Kimber pulled out a few packages  of stick on staches and the laughter began!
 Mayble kept hers on for a surprisingly long time. She kept trying to eat it.

I can't help but laugh every time I see these pictures. It was a simple way to liven up the party. The kids went crazy over them and so did us sisters!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update on my eyes

Well it has been 3 torturous weeks of wearing my outdated prescription glasses. It has been blurry, hazy, I can't see at night and I have felt very homely. BUT I have been faithfully drinking fresh juice consisting of carrot/kale/apple or whatever produce I have had on hand for the past 16 days. Mainly carrot juice and I do it right by drinking it first thing in the morning and waiting an hour or 2 to eat so it properly absorbs and works its magic. I have also been more conscious of what I am eating as well (less processed foods, sugar, less dairy, more fruits and veggies etc). I will say that I have noticed a ton of energy come about and my eyes have been considerably better the last few days. I can actually go outside without feeling like a vampire and shying from the light, they are no longer red, and my vision is much clearer.

I made an appointment and nervously had my eyes checked. I was trying to not get my hopes up. I realize that years of abuse will take time to heal. The good news is that my original problem looks much better and he feels very optimistic about me wearing contacts again...someday.  The bad news is that I guess my eyes look very irritated and dry and he said it almost looks like there are scratches on the colored part of my eye. I really don't like to hear that he is stumped because then I feel like a guinea pig.

First of all my eyes don't feel irritated at all or even dry. But it is no surprise that they would look that way. I have worn contacts since I was 12 and they have always been protected from the elements. The doc figures my eyes are not use to having an absence of contacts on them.

So I finally and reluctantly agreed to take the steroid drops and use an eye lubricant for a week and then we will check again. I guess they think I am made of money to come in for so many visits, lol. I am mainly desperate for an updated prescription check and I have the triathlon in a week and a half so I want the okay to wear contacts. But pretty much from this point on I have to wear my glasses for a least half the day for the rest of my  life. That is okay, I just want to see properly again.

I will continue enjoying my carrot juice every morning and in 5 months (when Mayble is done nursing) I am planning on completing a 30 day juice fast to get some major healing and detoxing done. I strongly believe in the power of food to heal our bodies of any ailment.

This has been quite the trial for me but hopefully it is almost over.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

And here is the start of October!

I promise I am still here for whoever still reads this blog. The past week has been a bit of a bummer, but I will get to that in a minute. 

 We gave the kids one last hosing off before winter sets in.
 In an effort to try and be more healthy I attempted my first sprouted bread. It wasn't bad. Very dense and flavorful and not too difficult to make.
 I'm participating in the CG triathlon in about a month so in my honor we dusted off the bike trailer and hopefully Aaron will join me in my training. The kids can't get enough of it. They beg for it. And in the off time they will still play and sit in it waiting for the next ride. Even Mayble crawls to it and straps herself in.
 Little Jax can finally join us in all those Whetton grandkid shots. So glad Kier's family is back with us!
 We went on our annual Schnepf Farms outing. Schnepf Farms admission can be a little pricey, but Kimber was a saint and went early in the morning to get us 3 free tickets! I have such awesome sisters! Your the best Kimbers. The kids were pretty good this year and we stayed til 9pm. Mayble was so happy the entire time.They had a BMX show, pig races, lots of rides that even Ivy could go on and of course the spooky train ride. It was fun waiting til nightfall when they had some creepy people walking around the train. And of course I love being with my family and all the cousins. I was really glad we went.

 The next morning was Coolidge Days and I ran the 5K. The kids were in the parade and then we were off to my parents to celebrate the little one year old boy's birthdays. Kier and Kim put on a cute circus theme party with food, games and treats. It was adorable and the animal balloons (or at least and attempt of making whatever) was a huge hit. The kids loved it! Poor Kier is pregnant and sick and still managed to get this all done! I wish I would've got a pic of Jax and Sawyer. They are some handsome little boys. Thanks for a fun day!

Mayble is teething like crazy right now. She is getting a top tooth that is having a hard time popping through. But she is crawling everywhere and goes for any scrap of paper laying around. She has been crawling for a couple weeks now but is getting faster and will go to sitting up on her own. I love this age.

So onto my bummer week. I have been having trouble seeing and focusing lately. Most of the summer I was having major light sensitivity and could not go outside with  my sunglasses. Then my eyes were starting to get really red around the colored part of my eye and would hurt. So I finally went in and found out that all of my cheapskate years of stretching my contacts was finally catching up. My contacts should be thrown away every 2 weeks but I stretch it to 3 months at least. I always thought they told me I shouldn't do that because of infections. But no I am basically starving my eyes of oxygen and making little blood vessels grow into my vision to make up for it. 

So what is the solution? I have to ditch my contacts and wear my dumb glasses for at least a month so the blood vessels recede. I was holding back the tears in the doctors office. I absolutely hate glasses and only wear them for a few minutes at night. So I basically feel blind. My vision is blurry and very hazy when light is involved. My glasses are pretty much crap and I can hardly drive. Forget about my night vision, there is none. So I have been really worried and depressed especially when I am trying to train for a triathlon. The first night of glasses I even had a little panic attack about it. It is so stressful to not be able to see and function normally with your children. So I'm trying to take it one day at a time and be positive. Aaron is very supportive and takes care of me so I just gotta get through it. 

Word of advice to contact wearers: DON'T OVER WEAR YOUR CONTACTS!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rainy day

 Ahh peace. I look forward to that 8 o'clock bedtime when I can be alone and do what I want. 

 I love when the kids go and play and be crazy. 
 Anders was swinging Ezra so high that he'd end up vertical. It was scary but so hilarious because Ezra was loving it. Then he'd do his little trick and swing out over Ezra's head. Also hilarious.
 Not even 5 months and these two monsters started sprouting up.
 But she sure is sweet. Aaron got her out of bed one morning and I found her sitting in the bear chair while he worked at the table so I could sleep in.
It's the little things that you gotta do for each other.
 I had to speak in church today, and this is what the rascals were doing a half hour before church. It rained all morning and all the kids couldn't resist playing in the rain, and mud.
Anders wanted to take a picture of me and Mabes. My talk went fine today. I had this gut wrenching feeling a day or two beforehand that I was going to be asked to speak. I had it all planned in my head that I was going to say no. I really, really, really do not like speaking in church. I get nervous and feel like crying the  whole time and sometimes I do cry a lot. It's awful. But of course how could I say no when Brother Clare did finally ask. It's just not in my nature and I chickened out. So I didn't tell anyone, not even Aaron, til the day of that I was speaking. I was hoping the less of a deal I made of it then the less nervous I would be. I think it worked because I felt totally fine. And now I have at least a year before I have to speak again. 

It was funny. The youth speaker is the Bishops son and this was his first time speaking. After passing the sacrament he comes and plops himself in between me and the other sister speaking. Then he leans over with his shoulders slumped and says, "I have to give a talk today." Ha Ha I just about died. What else would he have been up there for? So I leaned over to him and said, " I have to give a talk too" and we both agreed that we both didn't want to and wanted to get it over with. But he did a great job and I was proud of him. 
Maybles is a lot of work but she sure is worth it. She can prop her self up with her arms and sit up, she likes to rock on her hands and knees and then plop down and roll all over the floor. She stares at everything we eat and has tried a number of mashed up fruits. She is grabby girl now which is a lot of fun when I'm trying to get things done one handed anyways. And she loves to leave spit up splatters everywhere she can. The main thing is she is finally sleeping through the night and takes great naps. Life finally feels a little more manageable!