Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pinewood derby and other happenings

 I was feeling antsy to get out of the house so I decided to renew the Tucson Zoo membership and take the kids for a day trip. Aaron had been working out of town a lot and it was nice to get out of the house. It's a lot of work taking the kids by myself, especially being pregnant, but it was worth the effort. 
 Anders entered cub scouts in January and we were immediately thrown into the pinewood derby. Anders and Papa managed to make make a modest bright green car and he ended up getting 2nd in his group. It was a very fun nights and I am grateful for a small pack. I can't imagine how long the night are for big wards!

 Aaron has this same picture taken of him. Same building too! Anders loves cub scouts, as I'm sure every 8 year old boy does.

 Anders, Elsie, and Ivy participated in City basketball this year. It made the weeks very busy for a month but they all really  loved it. It was so exciting when they each would make a basket. Especially for Ivy and Elsie since it takes a big effort to get the basketball up that far!
 We celebrated Ivy's 5th birthday with a very fun day.......
 The Paper Airplane Flyoff contest!!!! I happened to find this event when we got a flyer from Eegees. It is a free event held at the Pima Air and Space museum in Tucson. You have to be ages 6-14 so unfortunately Ivy did not get to participate, but they let her have an M&M backpack, tshirt and lanyard which made her feel a part of the gang. 

So you start off coming in an hour before your flyoff time and make your paper airplane! There are certain requirements you have to follow but you can test and fix or remake as many times as you want. 
 As a bonus it is a museum so there is tons to look at while you wait. Plus they have lots of things to do there. 

 Anders and Elsie happened to be in the same  flyoff group.
 Lilly went first and  was very nervous. I think it was 6 kids at a time and everyone pretty much watches you! Lilly was a little sad she didn't get a very good throw, but had fun regardless. It is as much how you throw it as anything. You could have a great airplane and throw it wrong. It is a science!
 Anders and Elsie
 Anders won his first heat so we got to stick around for another hour. M&M was the host and so for the first 50 heats, if you won in your group you got this really cool M&M candy dispensing toy and a bag of candy to go with it. He didn't throw his airplane very well in the next round so we toured the facility one last time then went home. 
 You could go out to the "Boneyard" and look at all the neat planes. My grandpa was a mechanic for the air force so looking at these planes and the museum was special to me. 
 They had a big slide and Ivy was so funny, she would just jump from the top.
 Getting ready to go home. We took a few more pictures. 
 Selfie! This is definitely an event we will do every year!
 For Valentines we potted some flowers, bought little bags of chocolate, made banana bread and took them around anonymously to some women who lived alone. Service is always a good thing!
 Hayley is still serving her mission in New Zealand and surprised the kids by sending them each a letter in the mail. 
 I put these blocks in hiding a while ago (was really tired of messes) and recently brought them out again. They have been loads of entertainment every since!
 Anders got into puzzles once week and decided to put them all together. Looks like we are missing few pieces. 
We are taking a spring break this week and playing with cousins is always fun. They recently bought ducks and we helped put them in their new pen. 

Aaron and I also celebrated our 13th anniversary. Sadly we did not take one picture. My sister Kiersten was nice and took the four older ones for Friday and Saturday. She also watched the little ones Friday night while Aaron and I went on a little date. It was nice only having 2 on Saturday! I just wish Aaron didn't have to work that day :( Our anniversary was on Sunday so we just went to church and hung out at home. I'm regretting not thinking of taking a picture though.

Anyways so hopefully that catches me up a little!

Pregnancy is going well and we have decided to NOT find out the gender! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I know, I know I'm WAY behind. But with good reason

So part of the reason I don't seem to blog anymore is because we decided to homeschool at the beginning of the school year. After much promptings over the years I finally decided to give in. So we are very busy in the mornings and I have added a lot to my plate. It's been a good experience so far and the kids really enjoy it. Consistency and a firm schedule is the key. It can definitely be frustrating and overwhelming at times, but I feel it is a good decision for our family.

The other reason is because back in October we found out we are pregnant. Yes, expecting #7 now. I am finally starting to feel better and get my energy back. Life is feeling more normal again. So we are excited for a little one to come around June or July. Not sure if we will find out the gender yet. 

So here is a quick review of the past couple months. I will try to keep it short. 

 This is only a small portion of what me, Aaron and Peggy shelled out back in November. Pomegranates galore! They are all nestled in our freezer for a snack now.

 We finally purchased the groupon for the phoenix children's museum to see what all the rage was. It was stressful trying to keep track of all the little ones with so many places to see and go but it is definitely worth a visit.

 Serving up some ice cream by Mayble. 
 They loves all the stations. Especially the food and ball play centers. 

 The kids played city soccer this year and really liked it. Lilly wasn't crazy about the co-ed part with all those scary aggressive boys so she was about half into it. Anders took it on like no big deal, and Elsie has turned out to be quite the little soccer player. She was a go getter and the top player on her adorable team. She was very fun to watch.
It was a Hansen Thanksgiving year with all the usual fixings. Mayble cuddled right up onto Nana's lap to help with her famous rolls. 
The feast!

I just thought this was cute. Lilly made a "spot it game" and put together a bunch of toys for the kids to look through and find various things.
 On to Christmas activities! We had a humanitarian service project making rice warmers and put together these bags for some special people in our ward. Me and the kids made these salt dough ornaments for ourselves and the bags as an added touch.
 There wasn't much in them but I headed up sewing the rest of the rice warmers and then put the bags together. It consumed a full 2 days. But well worth the good feeling you get afterwards.
 The rice warmers would not have been too time consuming to sew except that our chairman wanted to sew sections so the rice would stay more even. Making 35 was quite the project! We had the young women help one night along with making the cards. 

 We had our Hansen Christmas party a couple weeks beforehand. Aunt Holly brought the best project which totally  entertained the kids for a long time. Basically stringing beads on pipe cleaners into whatever you shape you wanted.
 We had our white elephant. Notice the deer head on the left which came back after a few years. 
 Our family Christmas card photo. Aaron finally cut his hair, yay! Actually I was kind of getting use to the long hair, but after he cut it I don't think I want to go back. 
 We spent Christmas eve at our house with the Whettons. We decorated cookies, Santa came for a visit, we ate dinner, snacks, and goodies, played games, each family presented a skit (that was a hoot!), and then had white elephant games. 
 My dad has to take a least one nap when he comes over :)

 I think the kids white elephant was the biggest hit. There was no stealing and the gifts were basically dollar store things. The night was a lot of fun. For the skits, each family had to come up with something. So Kier and Heath had this fun game where they interviewed the kids beforehand and then the adults were suppose to guess the most common answer. It was very fun and clever! Kimber and Ethan dug out an old Whetton Christmas home movie. I was about 13 and it was pretty funny and  definitely embarrassing. Lindsay and Donnie sang a funny song together. I had Lilly do this dance to Mary's Boy Child that she had memorized. I have been practicing "O Holy Night" on the piano for the past couple months and decided to played that. It was a fun night and even more fun to host!

Christmas day came and went as it usually does. This year we taped up wrapping paper on our hall entryway so no one could sneak out and peek. It would also serve as a great alarm for us. I failed to take a picture of it though. 

 This was the first Christmas that we had no plans and just stayed home. We just lounged around all day and eventually made it outside to a fire.
 So a big highlight of our Christmas break was making a trip to the snow. Aaron has been working out of town a lot and saw some snow at Oak Flats after that big storm. So I put on my brave suit, asked my father in law, Don, if he would come with us and made the trip to Oak flats without Aaron. It's only about an hour away which made it so appealing. It really was the highlight of break! The kids went crazy in it and it was so fun. I always worry about the littlest ones and Mayble and Ezra were so happy out in it until the end. Especially Ezra. Didn't wear a jacket the whole time and never complained. We made sack lunches and Peggy sent some super yummy chili that hit the spot. I also managed some hot chocolate. The weather was pretty nice but eventually the kids got cold from getting wet, especially Elsie and Ivy. 

I couldn't believe how much was there. It was pretty deep too. 
Ezra refused a picture, but Opa got him in the way background.
 This is the ride home so they obviously had a great time. 
 Another highlight, making Anders volcano erupt. 

 Anders turns 8!
 Our little man was baptized on his birthday. It was a perfect night. We had dinner at the church afterwards with cake and lemon squares. 

He was so excited to be baptized. Even told the bishop he didn't care if he got presents for his birthday. So grateful for this boy!

And that concludes our holidays.