Sunday, June 5, 2016


 Oh how I miss my little Anders.

But we sure are enjoying his look a like.


 Brigham went through a funny face stage where every time we gave him a bite of food he made this cute little face. 
 I helped Lilly make her first apple pie. We used the Little House on the Prairie cookbook that she pours over. 
 Anders graduated to a Bear
 Pinewood Derby! Can you guess what he made? He won a prize for Most Creative. 
 T-ball: Come and gone. I'm not sure Ezra exactly loved it. It was a constant struggle every time he didn't get the ball. 
My baby sis had her baby boy, Harvey. I just love that name. He may be the last grand baby on my side, sniff sniff.

 Happy Mother's Day! Aaron gave me a very spoiled mothers day. Only 2 are sad.
Look who is walking! He started about a month ago and it is so cute.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

catchup galore!

 Not sure what this picture is. Maybe just in front of our Christmas decorations. Only in AZ can you stand outside in December in your undies.
 New Years Eve setting off extremely loud fireworks. Aaron was working out of town and we threw a party!
 I taped streamers to the ceiling with a bunch of balloons and that was our New Years Eve drop that the kids loved.

 I made pillowcases for our Florida cousins that we miss very much. I just love the superhero fabric.
 Mayble is a big girl now and in a bunkbed with Lilly. I was really excited to find this wood bunk bed plus 2 mattresses for only 150.00! Gotta love craigslist.
 Field trip to the Casa Grande ruins. This was a frantic attempt to get Anders Wolf book finished up before he turned 9.
 But we made it and he is now a Bear!
 Lilly is my good babysitter now and so good with the babies. That is Briggers cousin who is 8 weeks younger. Yeah Brigs is definitely a light weight.
 Climbing and crawling everywhere!
 Ivy has never had a bday party and I went a little overboard. Pinterest is my best friend and worst enemy. Me and Lil made unicorn headbands and I used all of my scrap ribbon to make horse tails to clip on their pants.
 If you can't guess Ivy loves unicorns and horses. We had about 13 girls at her party and lots of fun!

 You probably can't tell from this picture but I really injured my toe. I accidentally rammed our RV gate into my foot and when I looked down my poor pinky toe was sideways. It's been weeks now and it is still fat and really hurts. I don't think it helps that I keep bumping and stubbing it.
 Kinex, love em.
 We have had a niece and nephew born into the Hansen clan recently. That makes 16 boys and 16 girls!

 Lillly and Anders are so clever with the Legos.
 Basketball, done and done.
 Lilly is a cross stitch fanatic lately. She makes up her own patterns and is always on the sewing machine making her own things. 

 Thought is was so cute that she fell asleep with her unicorn headband on and with her pony surprise in hand. 
Popcorn popping!

I have a lot more to blog and catch up with!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Park City Part 2

We had a really fun time the rest of the trip. The resort was really really nice and there was a lot to do. It was a little tough trying to get around with all of the kids just because we didn't have a vehicle to fit us all, but my family helped out in any way they could. 

It didn't snow they rest of our trip which I was disappointed but also grateful. I think I would have been really stressed out if they roads were the slightest white. Even the salt on the road would make us nervous just because it looked icy. But there was a spot the kids could go out and play right there at the resort. 

We have been potty training but I just couldn't trust Mayble this trip or deal with a bunch of soiled undies so she sat in a diaper most the time. This is her stink position.

The resort had a really fun kids room with planned activities everyday, video games, hula hoops, internet, movies and even a real bird!

There was also several big jacuzzies, and a heated swimming pool. I couldn't go because of my injured foot, but the kids had fun rubbing snow all over themselves then jumping in the jacuzzie.

It was still so cold outside. Not what us Arizonans are use to.

Right around the corner was a library with a big snowy open area and a hill. We had a lot of fun sledding down this hill.

Can you guess who this guy is? We were pretty excited to see him. I about jumped out of the car calling to him. I'm not sure what he was thinking with this girl and her big black eye.
One highlight of our trip was going on the Polar express (also known as the Heber Creeper).
This was so fun. My family said that last year it was so cold that they couldn't stop chattering the whole time. But it actually turned out pretty nice in the carts. 
Instead of the adults being the conductor, servers, and cook they hire teenagers who are so fun and lively. They keep you entertained the entire time with songs, jokes, history, hot chocolate and cookies.

The kids were fascinated with hot hands.

And of course eventually Santa came! He talked to each kids individually and gave them a bell.
So as Santa was going to each seat he accidentally skipped the one Aaron, Mayble and Ezra were sitting in. So Aaron told Ezra that Santa skipped him because he was on the naughty list. Ezra got the biggest sad face you have ever seen. Luckily Santa's elfs tapped Santa on the shoulder and he came back. It was pretty funny.

My parents let all of the adults go out for a couple hours and they watched the kids and made cookies.  I found some sunglasses to hide my face. 
The kids room had these cool log looking pillows. My dad layed down for a rest and Mayble would not stop piling these pillows on top of him and crawling all over him. He videoed it too and it was so funny the way she was acting.

My Aunt Linda lives in SLC so my parents dropped me and Aaron off at the SL temple while they took all of our kids and visited Linda and Patty. These are my dads sisters. 

 Aaron and I were able to attend a live session and it was amazing! Definitely another highlight of the trip. 
 Afterwards, we all went to Lion house and ate dinner. We are sitting there eating dinner when I look at Mayble and she is throwing up all over herself and the floor. It was awful and stunk so bad. I spent forever in the bathroom trying to clean up her clothes. The sink only had freezing cold water so it was miserable trying to clean Mayble up. My Aunt Linda promptly ran over to the DI and got her some clothes. It was so sweet of her. Unfortunately my two hours of sleep the night before and everything else was taking a toll on me. It was just a hard situation and I was worried going anywhere because I thought for sure she would throw up again.
 But we managed to make it walking around temple square and seeing the Christmas lights. 

My dad took all of the pictures of our trip because we had lost our camera in the wreck. I'm so grateful to him for taking them all! We also went to a tubing place which I didn't get pictures of. It was so fun and well set up. The tubes all had ropes with rings on the end to hold them. There were conveyer belts so you didn't get tired walking back up. They hills were so fast and fun and slowed you down perfectly at the end. You could even link all together and go up to 6 people. 

We had a lot of fun and I was glad we continued on. My parents really helped a lot and made it a lot of fun for us. I'm glad to be home in my AZ weather though!