Monday, December 28, 2015

Park City Part 2

We had a really fun time the rest of the trip. The resort was really really nice and there was a lot to do. It was a little tough trying to get around with all of the kids just because we didn't have a vehicle to fit us all, but my family helped out in any way they could. 

It didn't snow they rest of our trip which I was disappointed but also grateful. I think I would have been really stressed out if they roads were the slightest white. Even the salt on the road would make us nervous just because it looked icy. But there was a spot the kids could go out and play right there at the resort. 

We have been potty training but I just couldn't trust Mayble this trip or deal with a bunch of soiled undies so she sat in a diaper most the time. This is her stink position.

The resort had a really fun kids room with planned activities everyday, video games, hula hoops, internet, movies and even a real bird!

There was also several big jacuzzies, and a heated swimming pool. I couldn't go because of my injured foot, but the kids had fun rubbing snow all over themselves then jumping in the jacuzzie.

It was still so cold outside. Not what us Arizonans are use to.

Right around the corner was a library with a big snowy open area and a hill. We had a lot of fun sledding down this hill.

Can you guess who this guy is? We were pretty excited to see him. I about jumped out of the car calling to him. I'm not sure what he was thinking with this girl and her big black eye.
One highlight of our trip was going on the Polar express (also known as the Heber Creeper).
This was so fun. My family said that last year it was so cold that they couldn't stop chattering the whole time. But it actually turned out pretty nice in the carts. 
Instead of the adults being the conductor, servers, and cook they hire teenagers who are so fun and lively. They keep you entertained the entire time with songs, jokes, history, hot chocolate and cookies.

The kids were fascinated with hot hands.

And of course eventually Santa came! He talked to each kids individually and gave them a bell.
So as Santa was going to each seat he accidentally skipped the one Aaron, Mayble and Ezra were sitting in. So Aaron told Ezra that Santa skipped him because he was on the naughty list. Ezra got the biggest sad face you have ever seen. Luckily Santa's elfs tapped Santa on the shoulder and he came back. It was pretty funny.

My parents let all of the adults go out for a couple hours and they watched the kids and made cookies.  I found some sunglasses to hide my face. 
The kids room had these cool log looking pillows. My dad layed down for a rest and Mayble would not stop piling these pillows on top of him and crawling all over him. He videoed it too and it was so funny the way she was acting.

My Aunt Linda lives in SLC so my parents dropped me and Aaron off at the SL temple while they took all of our kids and visited Linda and Patty. These are my dads sisters. 

 Aaron and I were able to attend a live session and it was amazing! Definitely another highlight of the trip. 
 Afterwards, we all went to Lion house and ate dinner. We are sitting there eating dinner when I look at Mayble and she is throwing up all over herself and the floor. It was awful and stunk so bad. I spent forever in the bathroom trying to clean up her clothes. The sink only had freezing cold water so it was miserable trying to clean Mayble up. My Aunt Linda promptly ran over to the DI and got her some clothes. It was so sweet of her. Unfortunately my two hours of sleep the night before and everything else was taking a toll on me. It was just a hard situation and I was worried going anywhere because I thought for sure she would throw up again.
 But we managed to make it walking around temple square and seeing the Christmas lights. 

My dad took all of the pictures of our trip because we had lost our camera in the wreck. I'm so grateful to him for taking them all! We also went to a tubing place which I didn't get pictures of. It was so fun and well set up. The tubes all had ropes with rings on the end to hold them. There were conveyer belts so you didn't get tired walking back up. They hills were so fast and fun and slowed you down perfectly at the end. You could even link all together and go up to 6 people. 

We had a lot of fun and I was glad we continued on. My parents really helped a lot and made it a lot of fun for us. I'm glad to be home in my AZ weather though!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mayble and the good deed (sounds like an Uncle Arthur title)

Mayble is my quirkiest kids and makes  me laugh all day long with her sounds and actions she does. Her favorite thing to say lately is... Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! But of course done in a little sweet voice with wording that isn't quite clear. So Brigham hasn't been letting me sleep much lately which leaves me so tired during the day. It is so hard to go lay down for a little nap with so many little ones, but I happened to get Brighan down for a nap and was having a hard time fighting the sleepy bug. So I layed down on the couch for a quick snoozer and Mayble was playing near by. I decided to keep her busy and said, "Mayble go get the brush and brush my hair. " She excitedly ran off and found the brush and came back to brush my hair. After a few minutes she said something like, "be right back" and I figured she was getting little hair clips that she likes to put in my hair. Now my first mistake is that I am laying on the couch with my back towards everyone. Mayble quickly comes back and I soon start to feel a strange scraping feeling across my head. My eyes pop open as I realize what she has. I turned around and saw my worst fears. She standing there with a big smile holding my hair cutting scissors! She was trying to cut my hair! I couldn't be mad because here she thought she was doing something good. But I ran to the bathroom and proceeded to pull out a few gobs of hair. I was a little painful since my hair is not the thickest but you can't really tell that it was cut.  I figured I needed to hurry and write that one down before I forgot!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Wild Ride, Park City Part 1

My parents have been going to park city every year for a while now and we finally decided to join them this year. We left the day after Thanksgiving and started our 12 hour journey. I was nervous about driving so long with all of our little kids so we decided to stop in Kanab and break up the trip. Ivy and Elsie went with grandma and grandpa so we had a little more room in the car. 

The drive up was pretty uneventful. The kids were excited to see some new places and it was fun seeing snow flurries throughout the trip. It was dark when we were getting closer to Kanab and we went up through Jacobs lake. It was so snowy and kindof scary driving through the forest on the snow covered roads.

 We were relieved to finally get to the hotel and stretch our legs. The kids were bouncing off the walls and so excited to be in a hotel. 

 The hotel had a nice hot breakfast that was included in the price. 
 By the time we were ready to leave Brigham couldn't hang on and fell asleep. He promptly woke up as soon as we were in the car. 
 We got an early start and we had Anders, Lilly and Elsie ride with cousins and grandma and grandpa.  We were excited and ready to get to our destination. 

And then things took a turn......

About 45 minutes after we left there was a really icy road. My parents and sisters car got through fine. We were stuck behind a truck going slow when all of a sudden our back tires started to slide. It felt like we slid over and across the road for forever and then the car slid straight off over a 25 ft cliff.  I remember thinking, "I can't believe this is happening as we started to go over and Aaron and I both cried out and I remember us crashing hard on the front of our car and then falling sideways onto the passenger side. The next thing I remember is Aaron calling to me to hand him the kids. I was in the middle row of our Excursion on the passenger side, Brigham was in the middle and Mayble was on the driver side. Ezra and Ivy were in the back with Ezra on the driver side and Ivy on the passenger side behind me. I was a little dazed and may have been knocked out for a minute. I was definitely in shock but quickly handed Brigham to Aaron. I looked behind at the kids to assess the situation. The kids were hanging sideways in their carseats. Ivy kept crying out to me to get her seatbelt off because her tummy was hurting. Ezra had a dull cry, but he had a huge gash in between his eyes and he was dripping blood all over Ivy and Lilly's suitcase below. Mayble was crying but otherwise seemed okay. 

I hadn't gotten a good look at Aaron yet. I only had socks on and one of them had fallen off. We had fallen into a creek so I was standing in the freezing cold water trying to maneuver around. I managed to get Ivy out and handed her to Aaron. Ezra's window by him had shattered so Aaron just pulled him out that way. Then I finally was able to get Mayble unbuckled and handed her out. At one point I was standing in the creek through the shattered window. It was so cold and I could feel sharp rocks on my feet. I managed to find my purse and a few other things and then had to step on the console and whatever else so that I could pull myself out of the driver window. Ezra and Mayble were sitting on top of the car while we waited for Aaron to walk back through the creek to get us. Thankfully there were 2 or 3 cars that had seen what happened and people were right there with a strap tied to a tree so we could pull ourselves up. They immediately took kids into their cars to keep warm until help arrived. It was only in the 20's at this point in the morning. I was so grateful for those good samaritans. Aaron was finally able to come back for me and I sat on his shoulders while he took me across the creek. All I cared about was getting to Brigham and the kids as I ran through the snow trying to find where they were. I had hit my head and noticed that my vision was not right. My main concern was Brigham as I hadn't really had a chance to look him over. There was a lady who had wrapped him up and was trying to calm him down. He was pretty distressed and wouldn't even nurse. But eventually he fell asleep. She noticed I didn't have one sock on and promptly pulled some out and put them on my feet. 

Aaron had told me later that the road was so icy that as he was carrying a kid across he slipped and fell flat on his back. There were cars lined up trying to help but they were sliding and causing more problems and it was just a big mess. The cop that was handling everything did not seem happy and we all eventually went into his car. He almost seemed mad at me and Aaron. He wouldn't look at us and was very short with Aaron. Mayble soon was playing with things in the cops car and smiling. Ezra was still crying and Ivy kept complaining about her tummy. I had a huge lump forming on my cheek and my foot really hurt, but my main concern was Brigham. Everyone was so nice in the ambulance and most of them were volunteers. The asked if we were LDS and if we wanted priesthood blessings ready at the hospital. Most of the staff was LDS supposedly. The helped calm the kids and got us ready to go. We waited forever and then the ride seemed to take a while too. I remember tears just rolling down my cheeks. Aaron was so good to be positive and reassuring to the kids and me. Our caravan had no idea we had even crashed and it wasn't until a couple hours later that they met us at the hospital. I don't think my parents realized how bad it was. There was no cell service where we crashed so we couldn't even call anyone. Dispatch had to make the distressing call to my parents. 
I think our vehicle took the brunt of everything because we all actually came out better than we should have. Ezra had to get 13 stitches. He was my brave little boy and didn't need to be sedated for the stitches. The ER staff was surprised how well he did!  He never complained once after it was all done. Everyone else checked out fine and the nurses and ER doctor were so kind and happy. I was so worried about Brigham, but he just laughed as the doctor looked him over. Ivy and Mayble had some good seatbelt burns to show. Aaron said he was fine but he hit his knees pretty hard and eventually his back, neck and shoulder started to ache.
My dad took tons of pictures to document everything which I am grateful for. 

I was so relieved when my parents finally arrived. 

All Mayble wanted to do was play with the Christmas tree in the lobby, and i was grateful she was entertained.

After the hospital we checked back into the hotel and my parents also stayed with us to help. Everything we had was still in the car so my dad and Aaron went back to grab as much as they could. Here's our tire marks. We managed to miss all of the trees growing along the bank. Most the
snow had melted and they had plowed the road by the time they got back to the accident site.
We went down with a lot of the impact hitting the front passenger side. 

I think the diaper bag was just sitting out in the creek. Aaron found my phone sitting in about 4 inches of water, and it still works! At one point he was waist deep in water digging things out. Aaron was such a trooper and got almost everything pulled from the car. The water was so cold.
There was a few things we never found, including my camera.

I had this big unopened bag of Luke's Cheese clouds that exploded all over the car upon impact. 

The beginning of our black eyes. I had hit my left knee and right shine pretty bad. I  had a big lump on my hand and my back hurt. I had various bruising all along the right side of my body. But what hurt the worst was my foot that didn't have the sock on. I had big abrasions on the side and bottom and it hurt so bad to walk or put shoes on. 
A lot of our clothing and shoes were wet, so we spent about 25.00 at the hotel drying all of our things. We had this huge mound of clothes sitting on one of the beds. I felt like I was home again sorting through and folding the family's laundry.
That night there was a light parade right outside our hotel. It was nice to go do something else and not think about what had happened. The kids really enjoyed it too. It was pretty good for a small town parade!

My sister Lindsay and her husband got to experience life with 7 kids! I think it was better that they continued on and didn't have to see the chaos. I'm grateful they weren't in the car with us when it crashed. 
The next day we went to the tow yard to get the rest of what was left in the car. It took two tow trucks to get it out.
I'm so thankful that I wasn't in front. 

A lot of what was left was frozen. You can see the cheese clouds frozen up in the handle, lol. 

We were in good spirits though and it could have been a lot worse. We decided to get a little rental car from Kanab and continue up to Park City. I think I decided to go just to try and forget. There was nothing we could do at home and we may as well try to salvage the rest of the vacation. 
The next day was so cold. We stopped at a little restaurant a few hours in. The food was surprisingly good.
I got a lot of looks throughout the trip, but there were a few people who weren't afraid to ask what happened to my face. The waitress took one look at me and said,"Are you okay?" He's not slapping you around is he?" She was joking and it was so funny the way she said it. You know most people were thinking that when they looked at my burly husband, ha!
It was a nightmare once we hit the freeway headed to Provo. It was stop and go traffic and then the weather got bad and the roads were snowy and icy. We saw a few cars skid off the freeway and Aaron and I were both so stressed.Brigham and Mayble were with me in my parents car and they were having a really hard time too which was making it worse.  I cried that whole hour and a half just feeling so scared. But we finally made it to Provo and stopped in the Sams to get some supplies and get a break from the car. My parents were so patient and positive and helpful throughout everything! I'm so thankful for them!

My sister Kiersten and her family went ahead to Park city. Then 20 minutes later we got a call that they hit a DEER!
I can't believe the damage it did to the car and it ended up being totaled. No one was hurt thankfully. We called Donnie who was in Park City and waited for about an hour on the side of the road util he got there to pick up Kiersten's family. It took 10 hours to make it to Park City that day! It should have only taken about 6 hours, lol.

It was such a relief to finally get to the resort. We crashed that night feeling so tired and achy. Part 2 coming soon!