Wednesday, November 4, 2015

20 year hs reunion, halloween and more

 We will start with Aaron's 20 year reunion. Yes he is my old man. He was gone during the parade on Friday but we showed our support. It was rather hot that day and it took forever for the parade to start. I didn't get many pictures of his reunion in general but here is a few. 

This was his class's float with about 15 people. The floats in general were pretty disappointing. 
We went to the game that night where probably the most people showed up. They all walked during half time and Aaron got to catch up with old classmates. 

 It was a busy weekend with Coolidge days going on the same time. I ran the 5k in the morning then we went to the parade. The floats were much better than the homecoming parade.

 There was a dinner on Saturday night with his class but I was too shy to take any pictures. If Aaron would have asked I would have taken some but I think he was being shy too. I met a few people, heard plenty of stories and had a steak dinner provided by the Elks lodge where it was held. We had Brigham and left when it started to get rowdy :)
They had a family day on Sunday. Probably the least amount of people that day. But it was fun with bounce houses for the kids and one of his classmates made BBQ. My only complaint was that it was really windy that day! 

 It hailed in Coolidge! It may have been the biggest hail I have seen in AZ. They were a little bigger than a marble and tons of them came down. It was pretty cool. 

 What started with helping make Anders a wooden boat for Scouts turned into making a little chicken coop. Lilly helped with this project and it took ALL day.

 But I like when Aaron gets in these creative moods and works with the kids. It turned out really cute. We have a big chicken coop but we started letting the chickens run all over the orchard and they tend to lay other places than the coop. So we made a more secluded place where they could sneak off to lay. And they do! We find 2-3 eggs a day in there. 

 I love his little finishing touch.
 We ventured to schnepf farms for our annual outing with my family. Mayble loved the merry go round and threw the hugest tantrum when it was done and I made her get off. Pretty embarrassing. 
 She was just barely big enough to go on the roller coaster which she also loved. Mini tantrum after that one, but there was more to distract her and we escaped anything too embarrassing. 
 Watching the pig race
 Lilly is always picked and her pig always seems to win in which you get a little pig nose. 
 Me and my pops

 Brigham has been sitting in the Bumbo for a while now and he can already plop out! He is 5 months now and I'm frustrated he can already get out. I have to keep him on the floor now. He is so wiggly!
 The kids love R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series, so they were pretty excited for a movie to be made. We went with my sister Lindsay's family and we took up a whole row with little kids. Here is our scary face. And there is Aaron's "I have to be here face" 
 This is my dear Grandma Goodman. We went to go visit her in Tucson the other night and it was so fun. She is 97 and still so full of spunk and life. She has dedicated her life to the gospel and her example has been tremendous! She learned to fly a plane before she could have children, then after 8 years of being married they finally were able to have 8 children! She was widowed when my mom was only 14 but has been independent and faithful. She even served 2 proselyting missions in Mexico! She is really amazing and i love her very much.
 As she has gotten older her mind hasn't been quite the same, but this night she seemed so sharp. She never said my name but I think she remembered me. And she just loved all of the kids running around and wanted to hug them and tell them how much she loved them. She especially loved Brigham and thought it was so cute when he would kick his little feet. I had her hold him for a picture and she wouldn't give him back! He would get squirmy and I would offer to take him back, and she would say, "No, no he just needs to be adjusted, babies like to move and be active" and she would handle him like a pro. I was so glad we could go for a visit. 
 Halloween story time at the library.....

 I wouldn't let Lilly and Anders dress up but I said they could wear a mustache.
 We only carved 2 pumpkins much to the kids dismay. And no fancy shmancy stuff this year, just the traditional triangle eyes and goofy smile for us. 
 My uncle Pierce takes care of our dental work and he is the sweetest most gentle dentist you will every meet. His assistant was so nice as well and any time Mayble would want to touch something or in my opinion be a bother, she would offer for her to come sit with her and hold an instrument or do something fun. 

I had no creative bug for Halloween this year. I brought in the costume bin and said, "have at it!"

So Lilly is a pirate, Anders and old man, Elsie was a witch for the ward party but it got dirty and she pulled out Snow White, Ivy is little bo peep, Ezra is obviously spider man, Maybe a wee fair maiden, and Briggers is scooby doo. I was going to be Jem but didn't have enough time to get my costume together. My dad is in the back a skeleton pirate. No stilts this year, but he is always still so fun. 

The kids pulled in a good loot this year in which they got 20 minutes to stuff their faces, then it was wisked away.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This past month and a half has been long and difficult. Aaron worked out of town for about 3 weeks which left me with a homeschooled crew, a newborn and very little sleep. I would get up all night with the baby, then when I finally get a good slumber going, another child comes in to tell me they are hungry. So then I gotta get up and start the day. By the time 8pm hit I was done. By 9pm I was crashing. I would daydream all day about the things I would do when all the kids were in bed, but my head could not refuse the pillow. And then it would start all over again. My heart goes out to all the single parents out there. It is tough doing it alone. And he has been really busy and working hard since. So I have been doing my best to keep up with homeschooling, housework, a baby and just life. Brigham is so sweet... when he is being held. So the times he takes his naps is when I try to work like crazy trying to get everything done. It's been a marathon. So here is a few highlights. I have also been really bad at taking pictures.

 I tried to be a good mom one night and instead of ordering pizza we made it. I'm a little out of practice but it was fine and the kids like to help. 
 It is so nice having 2 cheese graters in the house so I don't have to do it. 
 Our first month was a planets theme and I saw this cute idea on pinterest. 

 My little blondie
 I found a blog with all of these neat dough ideas. This is moon dough but she had other ones that involved shaving cream that I want to try. 
 There are very few pictures that I have seen of Aaron as a kid, but this one of Anders really reminds me of him. 
 I call this outfit, "The Jolly Green Giant" And he is very bright eyed and bushy tailed.
 Apparently there was a swarm of bees that came through Coolidge and some of them decided to nest under a kid recliner chair in our playhouse. We found out there were thousands after Anders threw a rock at the chair and the kids all came inside screaming...BEES! No one was stung.
 Elsie finally lost a tooth. She is in 2nd grade and was so excited to finally lose one. 

 King of the eggs
 Try to spot the kid and guess which one.
 Elsie made her own kitty mask
We enjoyed watching the moon transform to a blood moon. And the world did not end!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One goal we made this school year is to weed the garden every morning. The kids have been pretty faithful. The weeds kind of got out of control this summer so it is a slow and steady process, but I have been surprised at how motivated they are!

Flying kites ( or plastic bags with a string attached) 

 Brigham's blessing: it was kind of a rough day from Mayble throwing a massive fit so I couldn't be in there for the blessing, to Ezra sneaking up there during the blessing and hanging on the pulpit looking in at Brigham (so I was told later). This was a somewhat happy moment though before church. And my house was super clean.
Elsie is 7!

I have been thoroughly enjoying these windy and rainy storms!