Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rainy day

 Ahh peace. I look forward to that 8 o'clock bedtime when I can be alone and do what I want. 

 I love when the kids go and play and be crazy. 
 Anders was swinging Ezra so high that he'd end up vertical. It was scary but so hilarious because Ezra was loving it. Then he'd do his little trick and swing out over Ezra's head. Also hilarious.
 Not even 5 months and these two monsters started sprouting up.
 But she sure is sweet. Aaron got her out of bed one morning and I found her sitting in the bear chair while he worked at the table so I could sleep in.
It's the little things that you gotta do for each other.
 I had to speak in church today, and this is what the rascals were doing a half hour before church. It rained all morning and all the kids couldn't resist playing in the rain, and mud.
Anders wanted to take a picture of me and Mabes. My talk went fine today. I had this gut wrenching feeling a day or two beforehand that I was going to be asked to speak. I had it all planned in my head that I was going to say no. I really, really, really do not like speaking in church. I get nervous and feel like crying the  whole time and sometimes I do cry a lot. It's awful. But of course how could I say no when Brother Clare did finally ask. It's just not in my nature and I chickened out. So I didn't tell anyone, not even Aaron, til the day of that I was speaking. I was hoping the less of a deal I made of it then the less nervous I would be. I think it worked because I felt totally fine. And now I have at least a year before I have to speak again. 

It was funny. The youth speaker is the Bishops son and this was his first time speaking. After passing the sacrament he comes and plops himself in between me and the other sister speaking. Then he leans over with his shoulders slumped and says, "I have to give a talk today." Ha Ha I just about died. What else would he have been up there for? So I leaned over to him and said, " I have to give a talk too" and we both agreed that we both didn't want to and wanted to get it over with. But he did a great job and I was proud of him. 
Maybles is a lot of work but she sure is worth it. She can prop her self up with her arms and sit up, she likes to rock on her hands and knees and then plop down and roll all over the floor. She stares at everything we eat and has tried a number of mashed up fruits. She is grabby girl now which is a lot of fun when I'm trying to get things done one handed anyways. And she loves to leave spit up splatters everywhere she can. The main thing is she is finally sleeping through the night and takes great naps. Life finally feels a little more manageable!


Kim Krok said...

ok that picture of them swinging defies gravity! How is it even possible?! Cute little mabes, I need to see her soon I think. I pray that I am never asked to speak UGH, but I've actually got a pretty good streak going right now. (I won't tell how long, don't want to jinx it!)

Hyder Ali said...

Those eyes! She is such a pretty baby. And it's so true...the little things matter so much!

Kiersten Hart said...

I can't believe I told you I was talking in church and you didn't even tell me!! haha I love the photo of Ivy and Ezra covered in mud from head to toe, with only their little white teeth showing. Such cuties. And I cannot get enough of my Maybee!!! She is such a sweetie! I absolutely loved your visit this week! (minus the two sinky poops I had to change :) )

Miriam said...

All I could do was laugh when I saw the kids covered in mud just before church!! Sorry, I know it wasnt' funny at the time!

anna said...

Those cute eyes is so pretty and baby is so nice the little things matter so much