Thursday, October 10, 2013

And here is the start of October!

I promise I am still here for whoever still reads this blog. The past week has been a bit of a bummer, but I will get to that in a minute. 

 We gave the kids one last hosing off before winter sets in.
 In an effort to try and be more healthy I attempted my first sprouted bread. It wasn't bad. Very dense and flavorful and not too difficult to make.
 I'm participating in the CG triathlon in about a month so in my honor we dusted off the bike trailer and hopefully Aaron will join me in my training. The kids can't get enough of it. They beg for it. And in the off time they will still play and sit in it waiting for the next ride. Even Mayble crawls to it and straps herself in.
 Little Jax can finally join us in all those Whetton grandkid shots. So glad Kier's family is back with us!
 We went on our annual Schnepf Farms outing. Schnepf Farms admission can be a little pricey, but Kimber was a saint and went early in the morning to get us 3 free tickets! I have such awesome sisters! Your the best Kimbers. The kids were pretty good this year and we stayed til 9pm. Mayble was so happy the entire time.They had a BMX show, pig races, lots of rides that even Ivy could go on and of course the spooky train ride. It was fun waiting til nightfall when they had some creepy people walking around the train. And of course I love being with my family and all the cousins. I was really glad we went.

 The next morning was Coolidge Days and I ran the 5K. The kids were in the parade and then we were off to my parents to celebrate the little one year old boy's birthdays. Kier and Kim put on a cute circus theme party with food, games and treats. It was adorable and the animal balloons (or at least and attempt of making whatever) was a huge hit. The kids loved it! Poor Kier is pregnant and sick and still managed to get this all done! I wish I would've got a pic of Jax and Sawyer. They are some handsome little boys. Thanks for a fun day!

Mayble is teething like crazy right now. She is getting a top tooth that is having a hard time popping through. But she is crawling everywhere and goes for any scrap of paper laying around. She has been crawling for a couple weeks now but is getting faster and will go to sitting up on her own. I love this age.

So onto my bummer week. I have been having trouble seeing and focusing lately. Most of the summer I was having major light sensitivity and could not go outside with  my sunglasses. Then my eyes were starting to get really red around the colored part of my eye and would hurt. So I finally went in and found out that all of my cheapskate years of stretching my contacts was finally catching up. My contacts should be thrown away every 2 weeks but I stretch it to 3 months at least. I always thought they told me I shouldn't do that because of infections. But no I am basically starving my eyes of oxygen and making little blood vessels grow into my vision to make up for it. 

So what is the solution? I have to ditch my contacts and wear my dumb glasses for at least a month so the blood vessels recede. I was holding back the tears in the doctors office. I absolutely hate glasses and only wear them for a few minutes at night. So I basically feel blind. My vision is blurry and very hazy when light is involved. My glasses are pretty much crap and I can hardly drive. Forget about my night vision, there is none. So I have been really worried and depressed especially when I am trying to train for a triathlon. The first night of glasses I even had a little panic attack about it. It is so stressful to not be able to see and function normally with your children. So I'm trying to take it one day at a time and be positive. Aaron is very supportive and takes care of me so I just gotta get through it. 

Word of advice to contact wearers: DON'T OVER WEAR YOUR CONTACTS!


Kim Krok said...

I feel pretty guilty because the same thing happened to my eyes about 6 years ago and I never shared that info with my fellow contact wearers! At the same time it's pretty ridiculous the eye doctor never even mentions what over wearing actually does. Like you I didn't know until it was too late! It will get better just hang in there!:)

Holly R said...

Well, I was wearing my contacts for a long time too and never wearing glasses because they had broken and I was too cheap to go buy more. I didn't get what you have, but I ended up getting pink eye twice, and the second time it spread to EVERYONE, including 6 month old kate! NO FUN. so ive learned my lesson too. but hey, now I kinda think I look weird without my glasses sometimes, if that's of any condolence to you :) lol

Hyder Ali said...

I had some of the same issues, though not nearly as bad. I despise wearing my glasses because of how annoying it is not being able to turn your eyes to see without moving your head. You look great in yours though, if that means anything. Ha! I admit that I still wear my lenses longer than I should, but I now use Acuvue Oasys which allows for more oxygen to reach the eye. They are wonderful!

Kayla said...

Same thing here. I am ready to start saving for corrective surgery.