Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update on my eyes

Well it has been 3 torturous weeks of wearing my outdated prescription glasses. It has been blurry, hazy, I can't see at night and I have felt very homely. BUT I have been faithfully drinking fresh juice consisting of carrot/kale/apple or whatever produce I have had on hand for the past 16 days. Mainly carrot juice and I do it right by drinking it first thing in the morning and waiting an hour or 2 to eat so it properly absorbs and works its magic. I have also been more conscious of what I am eating as well (less processed foods, sugar, less dairy, more fruits and veggies etc). I will say that I have noticed a ton of energy come about and my eyes have been considerably better the last few days. I can actually go outside without feeling like a vampire and shying from the light, they are no longer red, and my vision is much clearer.

I made an appointment and nervously had my eyes checked. I was trying to not get my hopes up. I realize that years of abuse will take time to heal. The good news is that my original problem looks much better and he feels very optimistic about me wearing contacts again...someday.  The bad news is that I guess my eyes look very irritated and dry and he said it almost looks like there are scratches on the colored part of my eye. I really don't like to hear that he is stumped because then I feel like a guinea pig.

First of all my eyes don't feel irritated at all or even dry. But it is no surprise that they would look that way. I have worn contacts since I was 12 and they have always been protected from the elements. The doc figures my eyes are not use to having an absence of contacts on them.

So I finally and reluctantly agreed to take the steroid drops and use an eye lubricant for a week and then we will check again. I guess they think I am made of money to come in for so many visits, lol. I am mainly desperate for an updated prescription check and I have the triathlon in a week and a half so I want the okay to wear contacts. But pretty much from this point on I have to wear my glasses for a least half the day for the rest of my  life. That is okay, I just want to see properly again.

I will continue enjoying my carrot juice every morning and in 5 months (when Mayble is done nursing) I am planning on completing a 30 day juice fast to get some major healing and detoxing done. I strongly believe in the power of food to heal our bodies of any ailment.

This has been quite the trial for me but hopefully it is almost over.


Kimberlee Krok said...

Wearing glasses is the worst! Glad to hear it is getting better. Makes you appreciate having sight I bet!

Janalee said...

Since you will have to wear glasses half a day indefinetely, are you going to update your glasses prescription? Then it may not be so awful to wear them. I bet you look really cute with glasses. That'd be the worst not being able to see clearly. Can you even read? Poor thing.

LucyH said...

Jana- Yes, definitely will update my prescription. I had updated it the last time I was there (4 years ago) but I was never able to wear the glasses. They made me dizzy and when I asked the lady who ordered them for me about it, she said I just have to get use to them. Being more passive I pretty much threw away 80.00 bucks because they have sat in the drawer this whole time. They still make me feel dizzy to put them on. I asked the doc about them and he said the prescription might be too strong.So who knows! I have been using my really old prescription.

It's not only that I can't see out of them but I don't like the way I look in them. I never have since the first time I got them in 2nd grade.
I vividly remember the day my mom got me contacts in sixth grade. It was a relief to get rid of the glasses and I felt like a whole new person.

I can read now but the first 2 1/2 weeks I couldn't hardly see what was on my cell phone, books were clear up to my face and the computer was torture to look at. Little tasks in general were more difficult like cleaning the floor. I couldn't see what I was trying to sweep up!

I also couldn't see myself in the mirror properly. I wear makeup every day and it was really hard to get ready, so I didn't really look at myself in the mirror for those two weeks.

Now that I can see, Kimber is right I appreciate my sight so much more!

Miriam said...

Love my juicer :)
The new pics of the kids are wonderful!!

manda carol said...

Did your dr say anything about taking flaxseed oil to help with the dry eyes? I have really dry eyes and my dr recommended I take two 1400 mg tablets of flaxseed oil everyday to help my dry eyes. I can tell a huge difference when I forget to take it for a couple of days (my contacts start sticking to my dry eyes).