Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween and TRIATHLON!!!!

 Halloween was fun this year. My family was meeting at my moms for dinner and I couldn't resist going. So we made the trek to Mesa and had a grand 'ol  time. My dad just had knee surgery and he still was willing to get on the stilts. He dresses up just about every year and the trick or treaters love it! We love how fun grandpa is! So the kids are Brave, Ivy took off her care bear costume (that she has worn every day since I took it out), pirate, Lilly was the white queen and I don't know where her costume is either, and Ezra refused to wear anything. We look a little pathetic this year. I should've took some pictures of my sisters because Kim and Kiers entire families all dressed up and my mom did as well. They were pretty much all super heroes I think.
 We finished our triathlon yesterday! This was my third time and Kimbers second. I was really fun this year with Lindsay and Kim coming and I also had 3 other friends that I convinced to join us.  My swim really stunk as usual but Kim and I had a good bike ride and run that we pushed each other on. I don't think I would have pushed as hard on the bike without Kimberlee. She is really tough! We cut our time from before by about 6 minutes so I was really happy! I have to say that the hardest part is getting off the bike and then trying to run. Your legs literally feel like jello and you have no idea how you are going to make it through 3 miles of running. My toes were numb when I got off and it is the weirdest feeling!
 Lindsay had just finished and I am so proud of her! This was her first!
 My awesome cousin Nick was there and he won it with a time of 52 minutes!!! I can't even fathom that. Mind you it is a 400 meter swim, 10.2 bike and 3.1 run. He owns Durapulse and trains people to do all sorts of events. 
 My tri buddies Menolly and Sarah! They did really awesome too!
 And then we decide to be goofy and get some staged photos.
I have no idea what I am doing with my arms, but yay! We did it!


Linda said...

Way to go Lucy, Kimberlee, and Lindsay! I'm sorry I missed you guys being tri-umphant! The younger side of me wishes I would have done it, too.

Kim Krok said...

Next year Linda!

LucyH said...

Yes, we missed seeing you Aunt Linda. Next year for sure! We know you still have it in you!