Friday, November 29, 2013


Turkey Trot 2013

 I like to do the turkey trot on the off years when I'm not pregnant so this was the year! I feel so thankful for Kimber who lets me convince her to do all of these events with me. And it is so nice because we are on the same level and we push each other. So the past month we were both like, "Let's dress up all fun and  match, yah! And then week after week went by where we couldn't figure anything out and we both didn't feel like going to the store or even really spending money on something like that.  So last minute we were like, "Skip it, we're lame". 

 But we are sisters and tend to think alike, so when we got to the race and got out of our warm clothes, we realized we totally matched! Even the purple is the the same shade!

I was super proud of Kimber this year. Usually I am pushing us to the brink, but she took the reigns this year and is the sole reason we got the time we did. She kept our pace and while I was huffing and puffing behind her she just glided on in the last mile! She made it look effortless! AND she got us to the turkey and we both beat him! So we got our official "I Beat the Turkey" certificate which is very coveted. 
 At first we didn't' want to wait in line to take a picture with this poor guy who just ran 6 miles in 47 minutes. And yes, he ran in this getup the whole way. So we snuck our bodies in while others were taking their picture, but then the line got smaller and we jumped in. He said this is his angry face because we beat him. Just thought you might want to know why he looked so mad :)
 This was where Mayble was when I got back. So I am feeling very thankful this year but also very selfish. The only reason why I could go run was because my sweet preggo sister and wonderful mom said they would babysit (husbands were golfing and Aaron was working). Mayble doesn't really want anyone but me, but I guess Kier was the closest thing and she totally clung to her. Thank you, thank you, thank you, mom and kier for watching our kids while we were selfishly gone for 3 hours having fun. And of course I can't forget my honey who is ALWAYS willing to let me go on my runs. He never complains when I want to do stuff like this, and I am very grateful. Love you babe. 

Thanks for a fun run Kimber!
  When we got back we went straight to cooking and had a plentiful feast. It was nice to have all of the sisters at Thanksgiving. 
 Thank you mom and dad for hosting. The kids love to play with the cousins and visit grandma and grandpa. We had a really nice day!

Now it's Christmas time! I was able to go black Friday shopping. Aaron was very gracious to stay home and watch the kids. I go to Casa Grande and I was surprised that it wasn't too busy, so there were still some deals left and I got some Christmas shopping done, yay!


Kim Krok said...

I was in so much pain that last mile Lol! Thanks for always pushing me, I love doing these events together! Next year we'll plan our outfits though haha!;)

Lisa Ferrin said...

So fun! I loved catching up on your blog! xoxo