Monday, December 23, 2013

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

The Hansen Clan 2013
Aaron, Lucy, Lillian, Anders, Elsie, Ivy, Ezra, Mayble

I did not have time or energy to try and get a Christmas card out this year. But as I have enjoyed receiving others, I regret not making the time to do so. 

This year has been eventful, joyful but also difficult and discouraging at times. My pregnancy with Mayble was stressful and very hard this time around, but I was blessed with a healthy delivery the way I wanted it and an extremely healthy and happy/easy-going baby girl! We love our Mayble and can't imagine what it was like without her. I am grateful to the Lord for our little blessing.

Life with our family is non stop. I am up early getting kids fed, dressed, changed, etc.  and up late trying to clean up and get ready for the next day. Some days I feel like I never leave the kitchen. The monotony of raising a family can get to me sometimes, but when I sit down at the end of the day and evaluate it all, I am able to feel joy and be grateful for everything that we have. The kids are so innocent, loving, forgiving and easy to please at this age and I know I will miss it. So I keep going and make the best of the good and the bad.  

On a very good note, Ezra started to potty train himself! I had absolutely no intentions of potty training the week before Christmas, but when he started to tell me when he needs to go and insisting on undies how can I deny him? He even goes #1 and #2 on his own! This was just out of the blue and I feel ever so grateful since the others were pretty difficult and I absolutely dread this task.

So Lilly is 9 and she started to wear glasses this year! She was thrilled and takes good care of them. She is very responsible and I never have to worry about her getting homework done and is always reminding me of certain things. Of course she is still trying to quit piano but she does remarkably well. If only she realized how good she is then maybe she would be more motivated! She is very considerate of others, very cautious and my little helper around the house, especially with Mayble. 

Anders is almost 7 and my spunky boy. He is not afraid to be adventurous and is very outgoing and social. As his teacher would say, "Anders loves to toot his own horn" and is always showing me something new he has drawn or created and looking for praise :). He is also my good helper with his brother. 

Elsie is 5 1/2 and started Kindergarten this year. She loves school and makes friends easily. She is able to lure anyone in with her cute little voice and funny remarks. She loves to draw me lots of pictures and is getting good at trying to spell words and create sentences. She loves kittys and the color yellow. In fact last mothers day she kept talking to a lady in our ward about how beautiful her yellow corsage was. About an hour after church  we get a knock on the door from this same lady and she was wondering if she could give her flower to Elsie. This is the kind of effect Elsie has on people!

Ivy is my adventurer and completely fearless. This summer she would have rather drown then let me hold onto her and help her swim. She is constantly climbing trees, fences, and our chicken coop. She loves animals and especially horses right  now. She always wants to hold the baby bunnies and we will see her carrying one around like a stuffed animal, playing games with it and loving it for hours. Her hair is kept short right now because she will suck her thumb and twirl her hair. Her finger will get stuck and the only way for her to get it out is to pull it. So we are constantly dealing with bald spots and eventually buzzing her head to stop the habit. She is very determined and hard headed which makes raising her difficult and she is probably the most independent of our children. She is our "black sheep" of the family. :)

Ezra is a little fireball right now. He enjoys whining and crying at our knees and is very mischievous. What can I say? He is 2 1/2! But he is incredibly smart and also very adventurous like Ivy. Put them together and there is major trouble! He can't go anywhere without his "nana" or blanket. We have become accustomed to calling it his stink corner because he loves to drag it around and then find the stinkiest corner to rub on his nose while he sucks his thumb. He definitely can make us laugh!

Mayble is our little sweetie pie. She is easily entertained and has developed quickly. She has great motivation to keep up with siblings and I expect her to walk pretty soon. She is a very happy girl and a major mama's girl!

So there you have it. We try to hang in there everyday but in the end we love our family and are happy to be together. 

We are so glad to have Kier back with us. We had a Whetton Christmas party before the Kroks leave to Australia for a month! And yes, Kier is preggos with #2 boy!
Santa gave all of the kids pjs at the party. I have never seen the kids behave so quickly and quiet down so fast when Santa walked through that door. We had a fun time with Heath and Kier putting together an awesome slide show and we were all very entertained with each families skits. Thanks Kier for organizing it all!

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you will find joy with the season and coming year. We are grateful of the birth of our Savior and we hope to serve and know Him more faithfully this coming year.


Kiersten Hart said...

Thank you for sharing. I sure love and admire all that you are and helping those beautiful children become all they can be! XX

Janalee said...

The best part was how you described Elsie as "luring people in". haha.