Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year

It's hard to get motivated to blog when you know nobody really blogs anymore, but I will keep on! We had a great Christmas and New Years. I was sad to see it all over. I love fall and the holiday season. But now I feel refreshed and ready for a new year. 

So I have some goals for this year, some which I have been keeping up with so far. 

I vowed to finish the Insanity workout program. I have only missed 2 days where I just couldn't get to it, but I am about 25/60 days in. I am enjoying working out from the comfort of my home. I have not really done videos before so it has been a nice change. I am happy with the results so far: a firmer tooshie, abs and arms, yay! It is an intense exercise that  makes you sweat and be sore. My kind of workout!

FHE (family home evening). I am bad about doing a structured lesson for this night, so we are trying to be better at actually learning something and sharing spiritual insight. So far, so good!

Family prayer and scripture study. Does everyone struggle with this as much as we do? After dinner I am done!  But we are working harder and I am going to buy the children friendly scriptures with the pictures and all that so they might be more interested. I am also wanting to work individually with each of my kids and their personal prayers. 

More patience. Always a goal. 

Read more books: myself and with  my children. 

Make a blurb book documenting last year. 

Enjoy my veggie/fruit juice every morning. My juice always has carrots, kale, apple, I am loving lemon, broccoli, beets, and if I have it… cucumber, celery, and ginger. When it gets warmer I will do more smoothies. In general I am trying to incorporate more veggies and fruits for our family. Still trying to curb my sweet tooth!

And last (for now) I am trying to give more service to others. 

I will leave you with this picture. Mabes is usually wearing a onesie but when we put this long-sleeved shirt on she was not liking it. This is how we found her after a nap. She is a happy babe as long as she in not in her crib.


Kim Krok said...

Just because i didn't blog the last 5 weeks doesn't give you an excuse to do the same! I love all those goals, I think I will make them my goals too! (except insanity, been there/done that, not doing it again lol). Oh and also…MISS YOU AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Miriam said...

Don't stop! I love it and you will be glad you journaled :)

Hyder Ali said...
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Hyder Ali said...

I love reading your blog! Don't stop. Great goals. Though I'm not religious, I've been trying to find more world religion picture books for my kids. I think it's important. We have some Hinduism stories and a nativity book, but would like to find some of Jesus' parables. I'd love to know which books you pick out for your kids. :)

Kayla said...

Yes, time to get back to my blog. Great goals. We are working on some of the same.