Thursday, February 27, 2014

When your child disappears

I had just finished dishing out dinner when I realized that Ezra was not there. So we started to look around. It turned into worried searching, and then into frantic searching. He was no where to be found! I figured he may have fallen asleep somewhere, but the question was, where? He wasn't in his normal spots. So I go outside for the 5th time and as I'm turning around to head back in, I notice a little foot. Immediate relief! Here's where the stinker was...

in the bike trailer sitting right by the back door

Look who is taking her first steps!


Kim Krok said...

Why in the heck would he fall asleep in there lol!

Miriam said...

Every parents night mare!! So glad he was close, such a cute picture! My beautiful Mayble walking so soon! The trouble is just beginning!