Friday, March 28, 2014

A gnarly tooth, What the flu?, Insanity overview, walking girl, gophers, 12 years, birthday, and beautiful spring

So I finally finished the Insanity program and yes I did take a before and after picture, and no I am definitely not showing them on the blog! Here is what I thought: 
It was fun and definitely an intense workout. 
I was sore A LOT (which I love!). Even going back and doing the easier videos I would get sore the next day. This to me meant that the workouts were working.
There was not much of a difference between my before and after pic other than I looked a little bit toner. I actually gained 5 pounds meaning that I put on some muscle. 
BUT I feel stronger and I am the happiest with my arms and bum getting a lift. 
On the downside the program involves a lot of jumping and jerky movements and my knees have suffered because of it. 
Month 2 was torturous mainly because the workouts were an hour long (it is hard fitting that into my day with kids). 
Month 2 was more difficult but I gradually got use to it and could keep up.
Overall I am happy I completed it and I go back to the videos every other day to help keep tone.

 We were lucky to avoid sickness this past winter. And finally after months of me pridefully saying so, Elsie was hit with a bad case of the flu. It started one Saturday at a family baptism when Elsie crept onto Uncle Heaths lap and slept the whole time. For 3 days she had a 102-104 temp, would not eat/drink and slept constantly. I have never seen the flu so bad and I kept worrying it was strep and turning into something worse. She didn't throw up or have diarrhea but she had a pretty bad cough and tummy ache. I constantly was applying garlic on her feet and giving it internally, put every kind of essential oil on her, and forced her to eat and drink. She had very short, fast breathing and I was so worried! We kept her in our room on a little bed and I constantly attended her and took her temp. I've never had a child with a temperature so high for so long( I am not a believer in tylenol for fevers but I was very tempted towards the end). We made the decision to take her in and figure out what was going on and make sure it wasn't turning into something more serious. Strep and the flu both came back negative but there are so many strains of the flu, the doctor was pretty sure it was just that. So we were sent home told to just keep her comfortable and that her high fever was okay as long as we kept her hydrated. I actually felt better especially knowing it wasn't strep because I really didn't want to give in to antibiotics. And sure enough the next morning her fever had broke and she perked right up. If we only would have waited one more day! But I am glad we went for that piece of mind. She was really weak for about and week and still slept a lot and had a barking cough, but she gained a healthy appetite after that!
 This tooth was pretty much making me sick by the end. Anders was one of the only kids in his class who had not lost a tooth so he probably pulled this one sooner than it was ready. But he got it out and he is our little snaggle tooth now. 
 It was pretty  much going straight up and we tried yanking it out (not me mind you, I have major Odontophobia, yes there is an actual phobia that I looked up!) and this thing would not budge. 
 No sign of a toothling, but he can now join the "I've lost teeth" club at school.
 I have a sign that says, "Spring you seed, summer you weed". Not the case here, we weed all through spring.
 Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!
 12 years and I still tolerate the shaggy hair and beard. But I sure married a good man.
 I love these perfect lighting pictures with all the green behind. 
 37 years young! I made him his traditional corned beef birthday meal and showered him with gifts. 
 It's gopher season again. This one was particularly difficult and obnoxious to catch. I'm sure we have a network of tunnels under our house and front yard. He caught another one today.
 I think she is going through a growth spurt.
 Notice anything out of the ordinary here?

 Ivy is fearless as usual. She out climbs her boy cousins. One day they sat puppy dog eyed at the bottom watching her.

Mayble is absolutely adorable walking around. My favorite age! I tried uploading a video but it would not work. We are also trying to wean which is torturous. She will be one soon!


Miriam said...

That covered alot! You are an awesome mother and wife with a beautuful family. so Proud!

Drew Curley said...

Yay! I finally figured out how to comment on here... Love reading your blogs, your family is awesome! :)