Saturday, April 5, 2014

Juice Fast Day #6 You will probably get tired of reading the word juice.

I have been wanting to do a juice fast/cleanse for years but I have always been pregnant or nursing. I was going to start the day after Mayble's birthday which would be the 7th, but after talking to my sister in law who has done them before, I got pumped up and started last Monday. This meant I had to cut off my baby a week early. It was bittersweet. I was really ready to have my body back after 7 years, but yet it meant no more little nursing bonding moments with her. I have been gearing her up so it hasn't been too bad. I'm letting her finish off whatever milk was left in the freezer so she's been doing fine.

So juice fasting is tough. I don't feel like I am hungry, but I am forcing myself to let go of everything that I have been eating for years that is so yummy. The trick is to drink juice whenever you feel hungry and that has really helped. And its not juice you buy from the store. This is fresh produce juiced every other day. We have a juicer that processes the produce in a way that  will allow the juice to keep longer.  Which is nice since I don't like juicing every day.

Here are some improvements I have seen already:
-My eyesight feels clearer
-I don't feel like a train wreck getting up in the morning, I wake up fresh and rejuvenated
-Flatter stomach
-My knees are not achy
-My face is super clear and blemish free
-My chronic back ache feels better every day
-Not as much congestion
-I feel energetic
-I feel happier (besides the times when I'm making dinner and just want to eat)

I am hoping to see a lot more good things as the days go on. I haven chosen to juice fast because I am not a perfect eater so I am sure I have some things I need to detox out of my body. Even the environment can attach things to our bodies that we need to get out. My goal is 30 days but at the minimum I would like to do 10-15.

The nights are the hardest when I am making dinner and it smells soooo good. I just try to make it quick and get out of the kitchen!

So even though it is really hard at times, I am excited to complete this task I have committed myself to. I will share more as the days go by!


Kim Krok said...

Awesome Lucy! And just in time for Easter!:/ nights are bad but it feels so good to be so light. Keep it up!!:D

Janalee said...

yes, keep talking about it. I won't get sick of hearing it. I remember juicing for a few monthes - not a complete juice fast, but drinking it. I remember it felt really good instantly - full and satisfying. But whenever I'd put...was it beets?..what was it? A particular vegetable, I'd get a pukey feeling.

Then little one-year-old julian stuck his fingers in the juicer and I never went back. (plus it was my mom's and I was just borrowing it).

sarahlowe said...

Jana, I think it must have been the beets. I've done that, where I drank either too much beet juice, or too fast and I had to run to the bathroom and puke it up.
Lucy, I agree, I'd love to hear about all of it. I don't know if I could do a juice fast. Maybe a green smoothie fast, or something though. I need the motivation for something like that, so spill it:)

(not literally. that wouldn't be cool to spill your cupful right after juicing)